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On this website you can book lessons for the "A Perfect Swing" golf method. "A Perfect Swing" offers you new revolutionary insight and education to learn and repeat the best golf swing possible. These keys are not taught elsewhere. Master Instructor for this method is Dan Shauger, Los Angeles. He has distilled this knowledge from over a quarter-century of direct teaching experience and exclusive study with some of the greatest teachers of the game, including the legendary Mike Austin.
Worldwide there are fourteen Class "A" and seven Class "B" Instructors. Every golf teacher stands for a personal instruction to help you learn to play the best golf you are capable of.

"A Perfect Swing" is responsible for very long and straight shots. Here are some possible distance examples:
Iron 9: 165 yards
Iron 7: 195 yards
Iron 5: 225 yards
Driver: 320 yards

More important than distance is accuracy. "A Perfect Swing" eliminates slice, hook and any other bad shots. Book a lesson!